What is an Electronic Cigarette?

Due to the ingredients of cigarettes that include nicotine, the public has been vigilant on smoking but many are still continuing the bad habit. Meanwhile, big companies are known to try and make ads that amplify the bad effects of smoking for several years. Some of their innovations include advertisements and other products as gum to help them in removing the habit.

But now, a new concept of cigarettes, also known as Electronic Cigarettes or E-cigarettes are hitting the market fast. These type of cigarettes have the facade and feeling of inhaling cigarettes but the smoke they've releasing is just an artificial one that doesn't contain tobacco at all. The smoke is done by inhaling nicotine vapour that doesn't have carcinogens which are deemed dangerous.

Wismec electronic cigarettes package includes a nicotine cartridge that has a liquid nicotine. The liquid nicotine turns into vapour whenever the user utilizes the e-cig using a batter powered atomizer. The nicotine vapour will elicit nicotine hit within second which is faster than gum. A LED light is glowing at the tip of e-cig to denote a real one.

There are different limits to the nicotine cartridges as they come in full, half, and minimal strength. Ofcourse, the strengths is conceptualized to be able to quit smoking for long time users. These users will differ from each other by the amount of years they've been smoke and through the e - cig and it's various strength, they will eventually quit.

Of the advantages of e cigarettes over nicotine patches and gum is the amount of time that will be consumed before nicotine hits. A second reason is due to the ability to still inhale and exhale smoke which is not available in the other innovated products. The e cigarette is a complete alternative to a real cigarette in this matter. You can also learn more about E-cigarettes by checking out the post at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/ruth-macklin/e-cigarettes_b_5085424.html .

Another advantage is in the financial aspect in which atleast 5 nicotine cartridges costs about 8 euros and is already the same as 500 cigarettes. 50 euros are the average amount needed to use an electronic cigarette but still, in the long run, smokers can save more money.

However, since electronic cigarettes starts to be usual and popular, some pubs and clubs already instituted a smoking ban to these gadgets. Electronic cigarettes is seen to be the real thing as it also combats with the evolving technology today and hopefully will be able to flush out tobacco cigarettes sometime. Please check out e-juice online if you have questions.